Thursday, 7 June 2012

Enjoying Marsden (again)

 Back down the Marsden beach again today after doing a "u" turn when entering Trow...I had forgot about the kids being off school and the quarry was chocka. Thankfully Marsden wasn't too bad regarding visiting folk and I was soon standing in my favourite low tide position for more target practise of black and white fast flying bombs...
Noisy neighbours
 Plenty of activity as you would expect and a lot more to come in the next few months. What did seem a little disappointing was the Sand Martin colony which looks to be down in number from the last couple of years.Time will tell.
 Only here about 30 minutes but my mate enjoyed himself as well.
Yesterday was a major milestone for the Whitburn ponds project when this Greenshank was picked up here by Jason(sparking a mini twitch here). Its the first canny wader for this new site, in fact only the second wader spotted here that I know off...a couple of Dunlin being the first when the ponds where still under construction. Lets hope for more!

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