Sunday, 10 June 2012

Little belters..

 My first visit of the year to Crimdon dene beach today to have a look in on the Little terns. Normally I don't visit here this early in June, its usually towards the end of this month when the terns are in full feeding mode with chicks, but thought I would visit here earlier for a change today. As always a pleasure to watch these little gems on this public beach and pleased to say it looks like the fenced off area is made larger each year I visit.
 These couple of shots do not do these birds or this site justice, but hopefully I will be back here in a few weeks time to try for more.
 Its just magical to watch wave after wave of these birds coming and going from the nesting area here in the height of the breeding season.

 And the Ringed Plovers take full advantage of the fenced off area also.
Plenty of Common Blues on the wing around the dunes here today and a few Small Heaths.

Some good news from Mr DC when we had the pleasure again....77 pairs of Little gems so far counted and a few more to follow we hope going off some of the other non-nesting birds behaviour witnessed here.

Quick look at Blackhall rocks on the way back whilst enjoying refreshments from the north car park.- 2 Black- throated divers loafing about further out than 2/3 Red- throated. ...Nice!

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