Thursday, 21 June 2012

Farnes yesterday

 Its been far too long since a visit to the Northumberland nesting seabird colony was had for myself and her in doors, 3/4 years for myself and longer for the better half. So having closely watched the weather forecast for days, off we went yesterday after seeing what today and the weekend had in store weather wise.
We had wanted to do the all day event but that was out of our price range so we made the most of a 2 and half hour trip. Once at Seahouses we headed for our favourite pit stop here to re-fuel ,Coxons cafe, a excellent establishment we've used a few times in the past before boarding a boat.. A couple of Bacon butties with liquid refreshments enjoyed here then it was down to the harbour.
A 30 minute delay with the departure of the boat gave us time to take in the Eiders with young around the harbour area and a insight to just how busy it was here this day.
 One of the calmest crossings was had that we have encountered and probably just as well as the boat was fully loaded. The sights and sounds just got better and better the nearer we approached and then the sea cliffs and stacks came into! cannot tire from seeing masses of birds like this!.

 The normal cracking tour around the islands taking in all the excellent sights.
 Landing on Inner Farne and only having a hour here I knew it would be a bit of a whistle stop tour so had to try and make the most of it, the Island was packed with visitors the most Ive ever seen here.
 The Arctic terns where in fine form....great stuff!
 The south end view point next to the lighthouse gave close encounters as always and the smell here added to the atmosphere.
 Shag families within touching distance.
Puffins a plenty diving into burrows with beak fulls of food trying to avoid the gulls, looks funny to us but not so funny to them with young to feed.
 My Arctic tern badge,would be rude to leave without one
I armed the better half with our normal digi camera on this visit to capture a "different" type view of the day and what we experienced, I have to say she did a canny job.(might post a few another time).
The shot above sums up what some of the visitors did for a little protection from the Arctic terns ( you would think it was raining!)..we also seen Umbrellas, water bottles and bags being waved about, turban type efforts being made...etc.
This brings me to the short talk the warden gave before anyone on our boat set foot on Inner Farne (the same one this time every year). The looks on some folks faces regarding Terns acting in a defence type mode was a picture, obviously many a visitor comes unprepared or unaware. Its all part of the Farnes experience in ours and many other visitors eyes, after all you are entering their world and should feel honoured to be allowed to.!

Double birthday celebration for us.

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