Friday, 29 June 2012

When grown men go arrrh...and gulls from down south.

 The South Marine park walk yesterday (in-between a drop of rain or two!) was a pleasant one after being couped up for days it seems. Once the treed area had been looked at on the wander I spied what looked like a rubber toy duck on the water near the island.....(You can find some strange off-casts in the water here).
Bins up and theres two,and they are alive! They swam around calling but no sign of parents ,It seemed their fate was doomed as the the gulls looked on with interest.

The better news is they did have a family we discovered when we returned a little later, after not wanting to watch the fate they may have had on our first once around. Mixed parents with 6 ducklings in tow, and many another visitor here today enjoyed this experience.
First off-spring water bird wise Ive seen here this year.Cannot believe this was a special one but i am easy pleased with local sightings like this.

Sadly only one yellow duckling remains after a visit today, as expected.
Looks like these two Herring gulls I reported are on the move North...(it makes sense).
This ones history-

And the gull belows history-

Interesting stuff! and always great to hear about the birds you report.

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