Monday, 3 June 2013

Bonny little green things.

 Out west on Sunday afternoon, for a few hours with a few target species to try and pick up.The bird life was pretty poor really with only a couple of male Pied flys. picked up whilst parked up in various places on the closed road between Muggleswick and Castleside.
But was well pleased to see these little belter's again in two different locations near here. 4 in one area and only a single one picked up in the other spot. The Gorse looks to have had a bad season in these areas this year compared to what we  have witnessed on Mull last week. But everything's late this year so hopefully more Green hairstreaks will be picked up in the coming weeks in this area.
 This was the best I came up with on the Friday, when Hoopoe,Turtle dove and 5 Spot fly. where picked up around the Marsden/Whitburn area. Two Spot fly. in the main treed area in Marsden old quarry.
The portable skip this morning...about £2 in change missing and a packet of Kola cubes. Over £600 of optical gear still in the boot...phew!!!!! Now never to left again over night in the car.


  1. Nice to see you again seggs finally found Male Redstart after you left.sorry about your car.think you must of had a wee bit luck on your side..nice shot green hairstreak. I had a look at Hedleyhope fell for then joy..

  2. Great to see you also Vivien this day.( thought it was
    Green hairstreaks in the area I mentioned to you.
    Another visit in the coming weeks on the cards..hopefully.