Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Don's beauties.

 A wanderer in Station burn today was just magic! Its been a few weeks since I visited this section of the Don last, and the first noteworthy flying insect seen was a male Banded Demoiselle, just down the bank on the western approach path from Station road. It got better after this first sighing of the year for me, after seeing this one.
 Despite the long grass (and knowing how these critters ain't that easy to see clearly at times rested up) a few did show well today...and posed!
 Far more males than females showed whilst I was here, counted 7 males and 2 females at this site. At one point 5 males hung around a certain section of the stream with weed touching the surface. The fighting going on was tremendous to watch especially when a female came on the scene!.

Visited the Scotch est. dene also on this wander. Pleased to see the 2 grazing horses have now been removed from this special site and the vegetation is starting to grow back....better late than never.
And 4 males and 3 female Banded Dems. showed here also....fantasic!
 The only shot of a Small copper I've managed so far this year, this along with the shot below where taken in the Scotchy dene.
 Chimney sweeper moth- about a dozen showed in a very small area of the dene , more than likely due to the habitat loss this year.

Had a look at the Colliery wood set aside area for Dingy skippers after visiting these two sites, only 3 individuals picked up here on this visit. The site is looking great with plenty Birds-foot trefoil flowering but alas compared to last year the numbers here are well down.
My first Large skipper of the year from Jackies beach on Monday.


  1. Banded Demoiselles are super. Beautiful AND entertaining, what more could you want.

  2. Still very much learning Johnny with many critters, but some great education sometimes first hand.

  3. Great blog Seggs. I seen a couple of those little black moths at Crimdon Dene the other day and was wondering what they were..thanks to your blog I know now..

    1. Cheers Vivien, just a round up mainly of the highlights of the outing's. Tern alert hopefully soon..;-)