Sunday, 16 June 2013

Westerly today, plus Readheads report.

 Well today we had hoped to to tick off a new Butterfly for us, but new fence lines in a area near Waskerly prevented this, so we got lost instead...Nowt new for me, and the back seat driver is used to this over the years also.( the language is choice sometimes).
But this did result in some nice sightings regarding bairns.
 Red Grouse young-un legging it from the road side on the moors, about 20 other ones also in this gathering. The heather area was alive as we slowed down.
 Four very young Lapwings with parents were on the road a little further down from the Grouse sighting . Slowed down, but the parents went into  ' alarm mode'  which made the bairns do their best to hide.
One little-un just went to ground on the middle of the road, picked it up and placed it on the grassed verge and moved the portable skip on to avoid further disturbance.
 Eventually Stanhope was visited, the Dippers entertained along with Grey and Pied wags but not at so close quarters as seen before, as suspected a tad busy today.
 Bollihope -

This popular picnic area had folk on mass again today, as expected on a weekend visit but canny all the same. A male Ring ouzel flew over more or less as soon as I parked up, going over dog walkers, picnickers and general visitors heads un- noticed...

Spotted fly also picked up here.
 His mate 'tacked' away a little further from the parking area.
 The Readheads slipway Kits... Visited here a few days back and counted 30 birds AON ( apparently on nests), a couple of more visits will be made to record in the next few weeks for a more accurate count.
The shot above just proves how these birds will find any ledge etc. to settle nest wise upon when the location is right... Forced this year from last years nest site.

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