Thursday, 6 June 2013

This afternoons wander. Jackies beach.

 With the slight southern wind doing its best to spoil a nice afternoon on the coast me and Bob headed in search of futterbyes again in Whitburn. Jackies beach was the site we headed for in hope of some isolated pockets of refuge from this slight wind in areas at this site and again this proved a wise choice.

Dingy skippers...again, this time I counted 11 on my last walk thro. after being here for at least a hour and a half and doing several passes counting.
 The first shot of the year I've managed of a Wall brown, I seen a one here last week on the coastal path but it didn't settle due to disturbance. Three around an area of Jackies today, two of which were having a right ding -dong on a few occasions as we passed.
 Certain I seen a couple last week but they wouldn't settle for positive ID ing whilst in strong flight mode. This one today did, first shot of a Small heath this year for me.
 Dingy on one of its food plants, Birds -foot trefoil. (always something in the way..)
Not the best shot, but I was happy to catch this one in flight as it left after feeding.
 A few folks left this area today feeling pleased to view these little brown jobbies once pointed out at this fantastic site for futterbyes.

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