Saturday, 8 June 2013

Futterbye encounters the last couple of days.

 Visited Colliery woods yesterday, the second one I've done this summer season so far. (there will be more..;-) ). Clocked 8 Dingy skippers mainly in the set aside area north of the pond area here on this visit. Massive change regarding vegetation on this visit, loads of the food plant out in full bloom so hopefully last years numbers recorded here can be recorded( or bettered) again soon..  Hopefully the work the council have done here will be rewarded in the near future.
Jackie's beach population showed again well on a visit today.
 Yesterday I dropped into Marsden old quarry for a quick look later in the afternoon. Still a good few Peacocks flying about and also 2 male Orange tips..which never settled to have their photo taken.(bugger!)
These little critters have emerged big style over the last few days, tripping over them yesterday in Colliery woods and a canny few more on Jackies beach today.

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