Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reed warblers in our area.

 A visit to a certain area around the doors resulted in great views of the birds in the process of setting  up homes in these parts this morning, or have done so already.. The Reed warblers especially...
First view, the one I've a few times on the outskirts of the reed areas.
After this me and the Bobster settled to watch these birds..for about 45 minutes or so when on show. Two males birds called and one or two others showed also.
 A right battle went off with a Reed bunting family near by...The male Reed warbler still patrolled his patch but was tad careful how far he went after this encounter.
 All the shots are heavily cropped but absolutely superb to view these birds and their behavior in this time.
Surprisingly  no Sedge warbler called or showed whilst on this visit. House and Sand Martin along with Swifts and Swallows bombed over.
The approach path to here.. C. and Lesser Whitethroats, Gropper also in nesting mode. Along with the usual suspects.

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