Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Back on the beach

Its been a busy weekend having spent most of it on the entrance to Whitburn coastal park helping to collecting funds towards the CCG's future projects. And then today I converted timber to form another 20 or so nest boxes/feeders. All thanks to the National trust who have supported our group from the beginning.

Only managed 3 visits down to Sandhaven since Saturday!..shocking I know!!

Nowt really to report the last couple of visits before today. (apart from the Mandarin spotted yesterday on Marine park watching the pedlo's go by whilst on the safety of the island).

But todays visit at noon was interesting, not only was it low tide but the northern end of the beach was empty. Jan and Max disbatched to little haven as usual at this time of day.

This juvenile (above pic) Common tern was just chilling out and not in the slighted bothered by my presence.( well I didn't push my luck too far).

Totals on this visit- 10 adult Arctic terns( most ive ever seen here together! no juvs. sadly), 15 Sandwich, and 40+ Common.

Always interesting to observe the different stages of plumage changes with juvenile birds here.

Not much smaller type food stuff being brought in whilst I was here, all about this size.

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