Sunday, 21 August 2011

Trow Quarry, don't ya just love the place.

A lie in this morning was interupted by my mobile phone going off, a text first and then a missed call. Jan my better half quickly made me aware of this..."Sounds like ya missing something" was her words as I opened my eyes. I quickerly got dressed and dashed out of the door after reading the text from Jason alerting me to Woodchat Shrike in Trow.!
Still half asleep and not really feeling my best I wandered into Trow on my usual route via the "Little Owl" tree and made my way around the cliff edges( a call from Dougie was had at this time but the conection was lost). The Shrike was sat on a outer branch of the Whitebeam tree as I rounded the bend into the main bowl area, camera out and clicked a few shots off..brilliant!.what a stunner I thought. Then I turned around to see a dozen or so lads viewing from the other side of the quarry,Oh shit! a quick retreat was made from the birds position towards the viewing folk....And thankfully the bird wasn't spooked as I would have been hung-drawn and quartered.

Ive been down here 3 times today and spent a canny few hours here, our lass enjoyed her first Woodchat and indeed her first Shrike!..

This shot was taken after the "Foghorn" left to go in search of Whinchats which where in the area earlier today. This view was the best many a folk had here of the bird after a few hours of waiting.. It showed really well in the open as it sat on a rock after going to ground for a canny while.

A view from the west end of the quarry today as it sat on top of a tree here with a Wheatear for company.
All in all, a fantasic experience viewing my second adult Woodchat and a pleasure to meet and rattle with folk local and others who have had their passports stamped.

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