Saturday, 27 August 2011

Walk out tea time

The sight of young Tufties might not be too special for many folk, but to some of us locals this is a rare treat in our boro.!The couple of bairns which have survived on Marine park lake are now I think beyond the "Gulls" attention, judging by the size of them. Well done that Mam!

My .. how you have grown in less than a week!

This evening visit to the pier area was poor really regarding Terns. But I did witness the sight of 2 Roseates just off the pier which flew around here at a distance, the call of the birds alerted me to their presence here. What followed behaviour wise is something I have only seen on a couple of occasions. The birds called to each other constantly, circulling each other whilst climbing higher and higher gaining a great height before flying off south.

Wader wise was not too great either except for 4 Purple sandpipers and poser Turnstones.

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