Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy days again.

First ventured out today back onto the Roker beach area about mid day, not many gulls at all here on this visit but nice walk all the same and had a quick look around Roker park. Didn't even know there is a lake in here!
Returned back along the coast via Lizard lane to view the field opposite the Whitburn lodge, again not many gulls here either but still a good number of Curlews present. Then I looked to the fields in the distance to the west of here and several hundred white shapes were following a tractor ploughing here....didn't even get the scope out for this view!.

A lazy Sunday afternoon followed and whilst watching another repeat of a Catherine Cookson classic on the tele. I got the urge to visit the pier area again, so me and Max ventured forth.

Dispite the hoards on the pier and beach this late afternoon about 50 Common terns rested on the rocks at the north end of Sandhaven...nowt else with them. I scanned the south side of the pier from here and picked up white shapes just after the pier's bend, off we went to investigate further.
Still loads of Guillemots around the pier area, sleepy juvs included.

I reached one of my favourite viewing points and got me arse onto the pier wall ( Max just sniffed about,he's used to this now). Sure enough my hopes developed into joy!. 10 Roseates terns settled here including 4 Juveniles. Also a good count of Turnstones for here with over 50 present and one Purple sandpiper of note.

It still amazes me how tolerant the Roseates especially are to a human presence on the side of the pier here, at times all the terns and waders took off together for no apparent reason but the Rosies always seem to settle first in just about the same spot they took off from.

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