Monday, 22 August 2011

Nice evening

Another nice warm evening visit to the local beach with the dog in tow. Again not loads of Terns around but a few more than I have seen in previous visits with a small group settled beside the pier.
A scan produced 20 odd Common terns and 4 Roseates, 3 of which where juveniles. But a few terns took off before I reached a safe viewing point so there was more in the area this evening especially with 3 Juv. Rosies being settled here.

Highlight wader wise tonight was 4 Sanderling...always nice to watch!.

And this Juvenile had me looking a few times at it, very small compared to all the other Juveniles here. A late offspring from Common terns to show here at this time of year, all others are well more advanced now.

Pleased to say the locally bred Tuftie young-uns (2) are looking bigger by the day and have done well to survive the Herring gulls.

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