Friday, 27 April 2012

Canny bag

 Dog walk this morning started off well, this male White Wagtail was working the rail line in South Marine park. He didn't hang around long and flew off out of the park. The pair of Canada's are now becoming almost resident in this park now. Very little in the way of water fowl here now as to be expected.
 The pair of Linnets behind the fair continue to become tamer... Single female Wheatear beside the pier rocks.
 I had wanted to walk up the pier today especially when I spotted a dozen or Eiders rested up on the bend and a few Terns where hanging around but the gate was shut... Consolation prize being 2 Artic terns doing a fly over.(another first for the year). So thought I would try North Marine park on the way back and headed back along the pier, that's when the day really started to shine!. Alert off Mr Mc..."Ouzel Trow"..I then checked the surface feeding gulls etc. just off Little Haven on the way and this Iceland gull was present. (had it down as 2/3 winter/summer but probs 1st summer.) The north park visit was abandoned because of a pressing engagement.
 This Lesser Whitethroat showed canny in Trow and the Ouzels (yes Ouzels!) didn't whilst I was here. I thought I had seen 2 males and a female but just put it down as a pair.Later I was told another lad had seen 2 males and a sub- adult so 3 have been confirmed.
 Best poor record shot I got and more or less sums up what the birds where doing on our visit. Another Wheatear paid a visit and a Chiffy also.(female Blackcap seen by others).
 Eventually got to the Washington wwt after another brilliant Trow experience so our lass could see the Avocet chicks. Added bonus of another first of the year here- single Common tern on the island (8 seen earlier I was informed). Plus a single Little ringed Plover of note.
 A few other babies on show including these..
The big-gun lens where out today in the wader hide and more where on the way when we left! mobile tiddler was no match..
After the last visit to the wwt I had to make do with the captive Otters on this one...still nice though.

Quick stop off at the flats on the way home and a Green Sandpiper was showing canny on the opposite side of the road ending the day nicely.