Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day two of the fill up.

 Down again today to the Whitburn point LNR to monitor the filling of the ponds. What a cracking sight the south pond looked this morning (above shot). The fire lads had left the water running after I had left yesterday just to let the south pond fill a little more.
 And probably these are the first ducks to have landed on the south pond!..Later on a Moorhen was around the edges.
 So it was on with the North pond today.More lengths of hoses where required for this one and a tad more pressure.
 A small blockage in the existing pipe was soon cleared and about 50 snails and other debris came rushing out with the force of the water.

The scene when the water was shut off after nearly 5 hours. Work is still in progress with this pond and a bit more tweaking to do. Early days in both ponds lives but what an enhancement they will be to our coastline!

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