Saturday, 7 April 2012

Over the border ( Tyne wise).

 Another one of those "where to go for a few hours trips" today with the better half. Eventually headed off into North Tyneside and the first port of call was a cracking site which has been developed so well over the years into a visitor friendly type establishment(far cry from 25-30 years back I think). I think this Red deer Stag vouches for this, he's been here years I believe. Today he was competing with the horses for carrots etc. supplied by a local in one of the fields. Its just a pity the poor stag has no hinds to care for.
Birdy wise today wasn't great, all the usual stuff but nice all the same.
 Still a unreal sight viewing a stag in Wallsend!..
After the highlands of Wallsend it was the Tundra regions of Killingworth for our next port of call. This Whooper swan was keeping its distance but seemed semi-tame amongst the masses of Mutes here, always a strange sight I think to come across in duck feeding areas( One of Arcots finest has informed me the birds been here months. cheers!). Loads of Tufties on Killy lake along with other common wildfowl but no Great Created Grebes on show whilst we where here. Still a nice visit, got to be a year since our last one here.


  1. Interesting to see the whooper at Killingworth lake - I had one last winter there but hadn't seen it so far this year so I figured it had departed.

  2. The local lads will have more info. bedingtonwanderer, I thought it might have been the QE2 park bird but its not by what ive been told.