Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A drop of the wet stuff.

 It was the grand launch day for the Whitburn LNR pond project on Sunday gone which went extremely well. The Major and Mayoress for ST turned out with loads of local folk to celebrate this project's practical completion. ( well almost complete!). Whilst the weather has been kind regarding getting the ground work etc. done its not been great for the wet yesterday.
 So severval weeks ago frantic efforts where started to get the ponds filled artificially, not what we really wanted but....needs must. After many a email and phone call Northumbrian water give the go-ahead and the Fire department agreed also to help out. The only slightly down side was it just didn't come off in time for the launch.
So at 10.30 this morning the Shearwater est. was invaded by 2 fire engines and a water board van in search of a missing hydrant. The lucky owners of the front garden where the hydrant was on the plan, got away with not having about 15 blokes digging it up only because a kind resident allowed access though thier garden around the corner.
11 am the water started to flow!

 It was all too much for theses lads
By 4pm this was the scene when I left for the day...almost full. Never been so happy to see a Herring gull ! this one landed briefly for a small inspection.


  1. Congratulations on doing such a super job, will be crossing the border from Howdon (Tyne Tunnel) for a wander round this weekend.


  2. Cheers John its been a long slog by all of the group to get to this stage. More work to continue over the years.