Thursday, 12 April 2012

Otterly Brilliant!

 We visited the Washington WWT today and I doubt we will forget this visit in a hurry!. This was our second visit in the last few days and whilst we seen more or less the same things on both visits, today's was a tad special. Whilst in the wader hide here a bloke and his 2 young lads came in and told us he had just seen 2 Otters on the Wear. By the time we got out and looked there was no sign. So we wandered a little further down river to the kingfisher type screen area, that's when the better half spotted 3 heads swimming out towards the far back.
 Once the female Otter and her two well grown offspring reached the far back they began to fish along here.
 We watched the 3 of them for about 5 minutes as they worked the bank area and came out of the water a couple of time to feed on their catch.
 They then headed up river and we lost sight of them...
Well that's Otters in Scotland, Northumberland and now Sunderland we've seen ...A South Tyneside one would be nice now!.
 Oh and the other stuff wasn't bad either! 8 Avocets on Monday and 7 showing today, a cracking summer plumaged Black -tailed Godwit(both days) and the constant Heronery mention a few.

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