Saturday, 28 April 2012

Round 2/3. (LOTR's in Trow)

 Will they still be there??? the question that ran through my mind this morning whilst deciding where to walk (patch watch) little legs. No choice really had to try Trow again on the off chance the Ouzels  where still around. After two circuits of the main bowl areas and walking the mound it didn't look to nowt showing(bar a Redwing of note). Met with Mr D.G. and Dennis here on the way back and their luck wasn't in either. We had given up really and headed off in different directions. Driving out of the Trow approach road I seen Mr Williams and his good lady on the cliff top edge here.. "Seen owt Adam" I shouted.. "Two Ouzels just showed".. and a male was still visible when I parked up in haste.
Davy and Dennis where called back and thankfully both birds showed for them....eventually.
 Quick visit later with the better half resulted in seeing both the birds straight away...(thankfully for our Lass). And final quick look on the way home..pleased P.D. also managed to see them.
No doubt about a pair of birds today (as thought yesterday)but no sign of a second male today. The birds have been mainly frequenting the west end of the quarry here, often going to ground around the ivy type plants and also feeding on berries here. Often a fly over onto gun point but they always have returned to this part of the quarry after being disturbed.
Record shots again....Just observing them on a local patch for a couple of days is reward enough for me.

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