Saturday, 14 April 2012

A few more sightings this week.

 Ive watched this Mistle thrush nest for a week or so, its on a public path and right next to private housing and playing fields. At first I thought its got no chance of survival because of its location and how low to the ground it is. But I was over the moon to see one of the parents feeding at least 2 young the other day in heavy rain conditions..and also a Magpie was chased off during this time.(now that brought a smile to my face, song birds 1- corvids 0). Mistle thrushes are excellent parents,anyone one or anything venturing too close to their nest or young will be attacked...

 The Academy pools yesterday... this Cormorant showed well on the side of the larger pool along with 2 others. At first I thought a bit of grass was hanging from the birds bill......nope its fishing line.
 It wasn't until I moved around a little the true horror of this birds plight became known to me. It looks like its swallowed the hook end of some type of sea fishing tackle ...( no expert on fishing kit.). There's little hope for the bird really and catching it wouldn't be easy either.
 Stuck this one on because it highlights the reason why Lizard point car park is closed to the public. Neither the Council or the National Trust can guarantee safety here...careful where you walk.
 Still the birds love it, pleased to say.
 And one or two imm. Kits follow the full adults to nesting sites.
Nice one from the ringing hut yesterday afternoon.

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